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We Are Excited To Receive Your Request!

We believe in GOOD
We believe in SLEEP
We believe EVERYONE DESERVES Good Sleep

We serve the Homeless, Domestic Violence Shelters, Refugee Programs, Veterans Programs,
Half Way Houses, Low-income Families, Seniors, and Highly-Rated Non-Profits.

Please read below to see if you or the person or organization that you are referring,
is within the area that we are currently serving.


Please know at this time we are only serving people in the state of UTAH!
OUR GOAL is to expand across the country! If you have any questions about this,
please call us at 801-266-1288 or email us at


We need to be able to contact you via phone or email.


You can Request a bed in ONE of TWO ways.
1. Fill out our REQUEST A BED FORM
2. If you are unable to fill out the Online Request A Bed Form, please contact us via 801-266-1288 or


Referring a Family, Friend, or Organization is welcomed. We have found many in need through referrals.
If you are referring a person in need, please fill out the Online Bed Request and fill out the Appropriate Section. We will need to be able to reach the People/Person/Organization you are referring through phone or email.

For any questions regarding our Referral Program, please call us at 801-266-1288 or email us at


Once we have received an application, our committee will review it. Selecting a recipient is not a first-come, first-serve basis, we make our decision based on necessity and their current circumstances.

We deliver beds when supplies and donations allow. When we do not have beds, bedding, mattress covers, or pillows available for donation, we will file the applications until we have these items available. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee every applicant will receive a bed, bedding, mattress covers, or pillows.


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