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Emma Petersen: Founder, Executive Director


The founder of Adopt a Bed, The Mattress Network and other business entities, Emma Petersen, has spent her life being driven by serving people and providing solutions to epidemics that may go unnoticed at times. She spends her time running and volunteering at Adopt a Bed!

Emma stays focused on philanthropic adventures in which create and ensure real and lasting change in her community and nationally. Her business savvy mixed with her generous heart creates an ideal leader. Among Emma’s many passions are the Cinema, treasure hunting, the latest innovations, family and, of course, a good and well-deserved sleep.

Liz Mason: Community Outreach Director

Liz Mason is an Outreach Coordinator for Adopt-a-Bed here in Utah. Her main responsibility is building relationships with supporters in the community where lasting connections are made. She also assists with fundraising for multiple causes.  Liz believes she is always exactly where she’s meant to be and that love is the greatest motivator if life. Animals and nature are also her true passions in life. 

Liz previously held positions in corporate insurance sales and in the senior care industry. 

Levi Ernest: Director of Marketing

Levi Ernest serves as Director of Marketing for Adopt-a-Bed. His primary responsibilities include social media, video content generation, brand management, relationship building, and event planning/facilitation.
Levi is passionate about making a positive impact on the world and is the Founder of the nonprofit Every Teen Seen who’s mission is to reduce the number of teen suicides in the state of Utah by 50%. Levi’s greatest achievement however, is his four children and you will find him playing with them in nature whenever possible.

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